White Hat Hacker

Increase Your Information Security with White Hat Hacker Training!

White Hat Hacker Training

White hat hacker training is an advanced level information security training. Contrary to other theoretical trainings, these courses are prepared with the idea that “security cannot be ensured without knowing the methods of attack”, by exemplifying the methods of blackhat hackers. The purpose of White Hat Hacker Training is to ensure that participants are specialized in Information Security and to train specialists who can carry out Security Tests (Pentester).

Pre-requisites for getting a white hat hacker training

Basic Linux, system and network information are required to attend white hat hacker training. White Hat Hacker training is prepared for specialists working in the field of system, network managers and information security.

Preliminary Information

Information Gathering Methods


Getting Information from Services

Hacking Systems


Virus, Worm and Trojans


Social Engineering


Session Hijacking

Hacking Web Servers

Web Application Vulnerabilities

SQL Injection

Wireless Networks

Firewall & Honeypot and IDS

Buffer Overflow

Cryptography - Encryption